Discover Armenian Nature



Day 1

Arrival at Zvartnots Airport. Transfer to hotel. Rest at hotel. City tour. Museum of history,Republic Square,Opera house.Lunch and dinner at the restaurant. Enjoy Yerevan nights.Overnight at the hotel in Yerevan.

Day 2

Two days stay in Dilijan.Dilijan is a spa town in the Tavush Province of Armenia. Usually called Armenian Switzerland or Little Switzerland by the locals, it is one of the most important resorts of Armenia, situated in Dilijan National Park.Dilijan National Park is well known for its forest landscapes, rich biodiversity, medicinal mineral water springs, natural and cultural monuments.

Day 4

A day rest in Yeghegnadzor.Yeghegnadzor is a town in Southern Armenia. This small city is located in a good spot to explore the surrounding sites for a few days, and in a fantastic area for hiking and spelunking.Walking around much of Yeghegnadzor is nice, as is hiking to some of the closer sights.Things to see in the area include the Areni wine country, the spectacular canyon and monastery in Noravank, the impressive Smbataberd Fortress,Tsakhats Kar Monastery area, the old silk road caravanserai of Selim, sitting on top of the world, lot of other monuments and a number of caves and cavern systems.

Day 5

Two days stay in Syunik.The marz of Syunik is located in the southern part of Armenia and is the largest and the most picturesque on the territory of Armenia. It is decorated by wonderful landscapes created by the chain of the Zanghezur Mountains.Important destinations in Syunik include Tatev Monastery,Wings of Tatev (the longest reversible aerial tramway built in only one section, and holds the record for Longest non-stop double track cable car), the spectacularly sited religious capital of S. Armenia, VorotnavankVahanavank, the standing stones near Sisian, the medieval cave-dwellings of Khndzoresk, the petroglyphs of Ughtasar and nature preserves such as Sev Lich and Shikahogh.

Day 7

Two days stay in Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh).